Damnation’s Wings

HELLFIGHTER, the band formed by ex-members of cult UK thrashers Xentrix, has completed work on debut album, “Damnation’s Wings.”

“Damnation’s Wings,” showcases ten new songs and sees HELLFIGHTER sticking to their Thrash and Metal roots whilst introducing a strong, modern, melodic edge.

HELLFIGHTER’s line up is Simon Gordon (vocals, ex-Xentrix), Kristian Havard (guitar, ex-Xentrix), Den Gasser (drums, ex-Xentrix), Pete Smith (guitar, ex-Kill II This) and Mel Gasser (bass).

In a recent interview Kristian Havard (guitar) talked about the making of the album: “In some ways we have revisited the bands and sounds that we loved as kids: Bands like Maiden, Priest, Forbidden, Testament, Anthrax, but really we’ve just made the sort of record that we want to hear today.

“Everyone in the band and at the record label is very excited about, “Damnation’s Wings. “It’s taken a little while longer than we had hoped to complete the writing and recording process but we didn’t want to compromise on anything. The end result is something we’re extremely proud of. Most of all we’re looking forward to getting out on the road to promote the album.”

“Damnation’s Wings,” tracklisting:

1. Tower of Sin

2. A Lesser God

3. Legacy of Hate

4. Faith in Lies

5. Damnation’s Wings

6. Revolution Within

7. Epitaph

8. Bring Only Pain

9. Descent

10. Firewalker

The album artwork can be seen at the top of each page on the website.

“The painting is by a guy called Steve Smith who’s based here in the north of England,” says vocalist Simon Gordon. “We didn’t want to go totally down the digital art route because there was a definite vibe when we were writing and recording where we looked to a lot of the bands we grew up with for inspiration. We carried that through to the artwork. I remember that buzz we used to get from looking at all the detail on the new Maiden album cover or whatever. So we gave Steve the album title and asked him to come up with something that suggested the nastier side of modern life and technology as a bit of a nod to all those great bands.”

“Damnation’s Wings,” will be released worldwide on HEAVY METAL RECORDS before the end of 2010. Distribution for the CD will be handled by Plastichead in UK and Europe, and MVD in US and South America. The album was recorded at Viscon Studios in North West England and at Backstage Studios, Derbyshire, UK.

Tracks from the album are available for streaming HERE…

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